Art, K7ART sends along this picture...

Art lives in Phoenix Arizona, and took a self-portrait with his Blackberry:

Hello Guys-

Short note from Studio "B" to say hello and that I enjoy the fellowship on 7.195. What makes it enjoyable for me are the wide range of topics, from technical discussions to the fun and light hearted humor played on fellow patrons. It’s a hobby and the atmosphere in the group keeps that real.

 My professional experience has been in the DOD supporting Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground and Surface-to-Air missile fuzing/sensors as well as Dumb bombs and battle field Artillery. During development and upgrade phases I spent time at the Yuma proving grounds and China Lake testing and scoring down range. Guess you could say I enjoy things that go bang!

 Also enjoyed service in Law enforcement which provided great training and experiences and friends I will always cherish.

 See you on the frequency soon 73.

Phoenix Arizona